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Long-winded reply to concern.

Someone emailed me today asking why I am not collaborating closely with the Definitive Harry Potter Canon Characterization Guide. This is the latest in a string of such emails, so I'm going to address it.

The DHPCCG is doing something quite different from what I'm trying to accomplish. The website complites what I would call "profiles" of characters. Only "relevant" quotes from the texts are included, and some of the volunteers who compile the information also include their own opinions and thoughts about the characters and which things are "important" about each character.

That's great. BUT, it isn't what I'm doing.

From the start, I decided to include every reference to each character that can be found in the books. Even if it's not realy important, not really relevant, or not very interesting. If the character is mentioned, I will put it into that character's file.

None of my files include my opinion of the characters. It's true I have my biases, as does every fan of the Harry Potter books. However, my files will not reflect any preference or prejudice I may have, because they contain only information from the books themselves. Nothing is omitted. I have chosen not to take on the task of deciding which information is important. Fanfiction authors often take small details and build a story around them. I want to preserve those details.

Character profiles -- short, concise, and easy to refer to -- have their place. They're great when you just want an overview of a character. What I'm trying to do, however, is to provide a place where all information about a character can be found, without re-reading the books.

So there you have it. On the one hand there's a concise overview of the important aspects of a character, and on the other hand there is a list of every word to come out of that character's mouth. Different, right?

I also prefer to work alone, really. I can't imagine trying to coordinate volunteers. I like to know what is being done and how it's being done, and when it will be finished. :-)

I found the DHPCCG just as I was starting work on my own website, and I did have misgivings about possibly doing "the same thing" as the webmistress of that site. However, it quickly became obvious that I would not be doing the exact same thing. The two websites are different, and each will hopefully be a source of help for fanfiction authors in its own way.

I hope that clears up the issue.
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